Farewell Tour

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IMG_1973_2 20070827_160402 P1000603 P1000594 P1000593 P1000607
all the flags out Swanwick Swanwick Swanwick Swanwick Swanwick
20070827_160230 20070827_160627 20070829_145323 20070829_145858 20070829_184208 IMGP1519
stowaways Swanwick a last look at the Needles a toast leaving the Solent first night out entering Lulworth Cove Ian and Dan leaving Falmouth
20070831_091825 20070831_091836 20070831_091843 20070831_091845 20070831_161720 20070831_162145
Lori in Dart Marina Dan in Dart Marina Julian in Dart Marina Ian in Dart Marina Weather helm First fish